Forza Horizon 4 Speed Champions DLC Achievement Guide

June 20, 2019  — Games, Forza Horizon

The achievements for the Forza Horizon 4 DLC have been released and we're going to take a look at how you can earn all of these 30 achievements and a cool 500 extra points to add to your Gamerscore.

The Falcon Speedway in the Forza Horizon 4 Speed Champions expansion.

The Falcon Speedway in the Forza Horizon 4 Speed Champions expansion.

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Brick Built

Discover the LEGO Speed Champions Barn Find (10 G)

See our special article on how we think the barn find will be a 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0. The set will most likely be revealed in July or August 2019. Play the expansion long enough for the message about the barn find to pop up, head to the area and drive around until you find the asbestos/air raid style shelter and a cut scene will load, and you’ll be given the car.. but it’s not ready to drive until a further content update at time of writing!

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Brick Horsepower

Complete the LEGO Goliath in the LEGO McLaren Senna (10 G)

The Goliath is the Forza Horizon 4 kind of ‘summit’ / final race, it’s a long race that basically takes in most of the map and has the fastest and best competition against you, even on an easy setting the race is a challenge and you will need your concentration for a good 6-7 minutes. Win the race in the grey Speed Champions Senna and this achievement will pop. You’ll get this achievement in the course of play.

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Clutch Isn’t Just for Cars

Start building your Master Builder’s House (10 G)

Another achievement that comes in the course of play. When you first start the expansion you’ll be given the Mini Cooper and told to collect certain bricks (which can be gained by challenges or stunt jumps and the like), once you get enough of these you return to the base plate and a cut scene showing a small quaint house being dropped in by LEGO helicopter will show. Your next goal will be collecting enough bricks to build the Ferrari F40.

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Danish Hasty

Unlock the Brick Challenge 'Danish Hasty' then maintain 200mph in the LEGO F40 for 10 seconds (10 G)

Quite an easy one if you look at your map. You’ll have to progress the brick collecting as from the above achievement to the point where Danish Hasty becomes available, then just use the road that goes straight the longest to build up a top speed run in the V8 Ferrari and try not to bin it!

Flawless Brickstory

Earn 27 Stars in the LEGO Speed Champions Horizon Story (10 G)

Focus on getting 3 stars in every event, focus on the main events and races - whether they be sprint, circuit or endurance challenges. If you’re going for a win in every event.

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Master Builder

Become a Master Builder by finishing your House (10 G)

You’ll need a lot of blocks and that means race wins and challenges completed to do this, however the effort is most definitely worth the reward because once you’ve finished the master builder house you’ll be living like Tony Montana down there in LEGO valley.

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Microscale Explorer

Discover all the roads in LEGO Valley (10 G)

Another self explanatory one. With the amount of effort Playground Games have put into this game, you’ll definitely want to drive every road and see all of the cool LEGO pieces and scenery that they have built into the LEGO valley map for you to enjoy. Here’s a quick hint, if you are heading off road I would not recommend taking the Senna or the F40 and maybe stick to your Class A Rally Monster Mini.

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Mini Adventure

In the LEGO Mini Cooper, drive from Oasis Island to the Lighthouse in under 1 minute 45 seconds (10 G)

The Mini is great at handling off road and has some monster acceleration, but when it comes to top speed you are going to find some serious struggles getting the little Cooper over 110. A recommendation for this achievement is to take the right shortcuts at the right time and not hit any heavy trees, or you’ll be looking at a failure.

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Have your House visited by some unexpected guests (10 G)

I won’t ruin the surprise of this one for you, but safe to say this will be accomplished as part of completing the LEGO Speed Champions expansion of Forza Horizon 4, you’ll come across it during the story mode!

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Smash 500 Bonus Cubes in LEGO Valley (10 G)

Littered all around LEGO valley, you can’t really miss these. There’s maps online, but if you’re really suffering you can actually use in game purchases to buy treasure maps that will point you in the direction of things like the bonus cubes, barn finds and secret items.

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Swamp Gas from a Weather Balloon

Collect all Alien Debris in LEGO Valley (10 G)

Get a secret surprise when you do this, it’s quite cool d plodding around the map exploring and finding all of these, it gave me a lot of time to appreciate just how much work had gone into creating LEGO valley and realising that although people are complaining about the lack of vehicles, this must have taken a long time to build up the environment for.

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Welcome to LEGO Speed Champions

Arrive at your Master Builder’s LEGO Baseplate (10 G)

You get this achievement pretty much for opening the Speed Champions expansion in Forza Horizon 4. You basically drive to the 'LEGO Valley' starting area which is a bunch of disused warehouses in the middle of the map, a couple of videos will play and then you will be transported to the LEGO world. Upon starting you are given an empty baseplate where you will build and upgrade your home as well as have cars delivered. This achievement will then pop.

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Win the LEGO Speed Champions F40 event (20 G)

I really like this achievement name, if you haven’t guessed it already it’s the set number of the real life LEGO Speed Champions F40. If you’re struggling with what to do for this achievement you should consider uninstalling the game, you have to race the LEGO version against the real one and win. Win this event and you’ll get the real F40 Competizione in game for free.

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Win the LEGO Speed Champions Senna event (20 G)

See above, but head down to the McLaren Technology Centre first and pick up the latest and greatest hypercar, appropriately named after one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. Win this event and you get the real McLaren Senna in game for free.

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Attraction to Traction

Earn all stars possible from Speed Zones in LEGO Valley (20 G)

Quite a tricky one, this will require some changing between off road vehicles and the super car monsters that can tackle the dirt road speed zones that are dotted around. My recommendation would be to also make use of the non-LEGO models in the game on this achievement hunt, and remember to use a run up when you are going into the speed zones. Veer too far off the road or the dirt track and you'll be looking at a failure.

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Eat, Sleep, Race, Repeat

Complete all the Race Events in LEGO Valley (20 G)

You’ll need a good few hours in the game to complete this achievement, but once you’ve got it you’ll be a long way towards completion of the expansion. If you pay attention to the other achievements, you’ll get a good 75% of them on the way towards earning this achievement.


Smash all Bonus Boards in LEGO Valley (20 G)

The bonus boards will be shown on your map, and handily they will turn dark grey when you smash them. Some hints? Tops of peaks, on top of buildings where a skilful jump will help you out (I always struggled with these) and always check under bridges and you’ll probably do fine. These bonus boards will up your influence, ranging from 1,000 points all the way up to 10,000 - you'll get a lot of wheelspins and extra cars/credits/clothing or emotes from going through and completing these tasks.

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Complete all ‘Event’ Brick Challenges (20 G)

Another story mode achievement, you can’t miss this one if you are a perfectionist and want to ensure the game is complete. This will take a good few hours to go through all of the events.

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Fast Forward

Earn all stars possible from Speed Traps in LEGO Valley (20 G)

Speed Traps are always easy if you hit them with the fastest car, as with the Speed Zones just remember, Lamborghini Aventador isn’t going to hit it’s top speed very quickly across a muddy hillside, adapt your car for the situation!

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Gotta Smash Them All

Complete all ‘Smashable’ Brick Challenges (20 G)

'Smashable' means what is says on the tin. For this challenge you’ll want to be checking on your brick board but generally looking around for bins, coffee shacks, tractors and even biplanes. Some of these challenges will require you completing them in certain vehicles, for example if you’re looking at smashing sandcastles you’ll be wanting to do it in a Corvette Stingray!

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In the Brick of Time

Earn all stars possible from Trailblazers in LEGO Valley (20 G)

Trailblazers are events where you drive through a flag gate and you’ll see two flares pop up in the distance. You'll have a decent amount of distance to cover in a short period of time, and the number of stars you get for each challenge will depend on how quick you get this done. Based on that, I'd definitely use a car that is competent at going off road but will also keep the speed up. You'll also need to ensure you keep it flat and steady, rolling any car will cost you a lot of time.

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Learning to Fly

Earn 3 stars from the Airport Leap Danger Sign twice in under 45 seconds (20 G)

Easier than it seems. The Learning to Fly challenge is just a case of coming at the danger sign from the road, jumping high and landing onto the runway, slap the handbrake on and make your quickest return and up the grass ramp, you'll go back through the ramp backwards and you'll get the distance tracker come up again. As long as you don't hit a tree or land off the area, you won't fail it and you'll have done the achievement in 45 seconds.

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LEGO of Your Fears

Earn all stars possible from Danger Signs in LEGO Valley (20 G)

Get your jumping boots on, hit the ramps at the highest possible speed and don't do it as you are sliding out of control. You'll be looking at well over 150 metres for each jump in order to get 3 stars each time. Every single one needs to be three stars or more and then you'll get this achievement pop up.

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LEGO Valley Tour

Complete all ‘Discovery’ Brick Challenges (20 G)

These challenges all relate to doing something, either a race or challenge and discovering a new area for the first time. Don't forget you get 100 bricks if you drive all of the 112 roads in the LEGO Speed Champions expansion and that'll take you well on the way towards building all of the house expansions at your Master Builder's house, and building up your supercar collection as well.

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Scandinavian Brick

Earn all stars possible from Drift Zones in LEGO Valley (20 G)

This is a tricky one, you’ve got to channel your inner Takumi and really hang the drifts out to dry for this achievement, remembering to keep the speed up. Faster you go and the heavier the angle, the more points you’ll be looking at racking up around these series of tight twisty corners, and bagging those 3 stars.

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Seeing Stars

Complete all ‘PR Stunt’ Brick Challenges (20 G)

Once you've got the LEGO MINI, F40 Competizione and McLaren Senna - you'll still need to spend well in the six figures of credits in order to afford the vehicles that come with these challenges. Brick challenges such as driving Corvettes through the sand castles and knocking over bins, they are comical but you'll find them out and about.

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Complete all ‘Skill’ Brick Challenges (20 G)

We'll have another article detailing all of the challenges you need to complete in the game. You won't miss this one, but you'll need to work long and hard through all of the different challenges in the 'Skill' category that will test your driving ability in order to get the points for this one.

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You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tote

Complete all ‘Collectable’ Brick Challenges (20 G)

This one will really be for the people who put the hours in. There's easily over 100 challenges here, using a variety of different car types, modes and challenges that put all of your skills to test across the game. Personally, I really struggle with the drag races and even using cars like the Chiron, Veyron Super Sport or the Lamborghini Centenario I'll still find myself losing to people who use the correct gear ratios or manual transmission. Something to work on I guess.

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Speed Champion

Become the Speed Champion (30 G)

If you head up towards the Falcon Speedway, on one of the roads coming off the alien crash site, you'll play about 3-4 hours of the game and get invited to the 'Hype Tour'. This is the story mode that you'll see in the other achievements for the game. Once you follow this all the way through and do some of the races, you'll come up towards the final challenge. I won't spoil this for you, but by following through on the final races you will have the chance to win and become crowned the Speed Champion.

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Winner, Winner, Brick'n Dinner

Win all the Race Events in LEGO Valley (30 G)

Similar to completing all the events, but you quite clearly have to go all out and get the gold medal in every event. Need a tip? Put your foot to the floor and remember in the words of Mark Brundle - sideways isn’t fast.

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