Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions DLC: How to find the helipad

July 1, 2019  — Gaming, Forza Horizon 4

TLDR; Watch the video above for a step by step guide.

So why are we writing this article? Well when we were actually playing through the game, we got about 2 hours in when we realised there was a small brick reward for finding the helipad at the airport. Having been the usual kind of Forza Horizon player, I’d drifted the F40 through the entire airport, I’d smashed the Senna over the danger sign jump many times and I’d even checked if there were any jumps or ways of getting onto the terminal roof.

So when I went into the challenges and saw that I had not discovered the helipad, I thought there must have been something wrong. I spent a good 15-20 minutes and ended up having to Google the answer, which is why we went and created the 45 second video we’ve embedded, so you don’t have to watch long advertisements or listen to tons of 'like and subscribe' garbage. It’s actually really simple once you realise where it is, especially knowing about the elevated area next to the runway. The helicopter is gigantic too, although you do not need to bash into it to get the bricks awarded to you.

  1. Go to the airport on the map, you'll appear at the location with the drag strip to your right hand side.
  2. Near the helicopter on the right hand side, you simply need to knock into it.
  3. Receive the x10 bricks for Challenge Completed.

If you are going for a 100% completion run, I really hope this helps out, if not at least your further on your way to getting all of the cars or improving your baseplate in LEGO Valley. Keep checking back as we ourselves are trying to complete every challenge and get the Winners Trophy so if we find any other areas where we get stuck, we’ll be sure to write you up a guide.